Our Purpose: The Elders at the Table (EAT) Coalition is a Central Indiana collaboration to end hunger and malnutrition one senior at a time.

 In 2013, the EAT Coalition received a $150,000 grant from the Central Indiana Senior Fund, a CICF Fund, for its Alleviating Senior Hunger initiative. The grant helped EAT implement comprehensive and integrated strategies to increase low-income seniors’ knowledge of and access to nutritious food sources. This initiative was administered through CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions, Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana and other EAT coalition members.




SNAP Education and Outreach

Do you or someone you know have difficulty paying for food each month? Participating members of the EAT Coalition have been trained to provide direct SNAP enrollment assistance to low-income seniors throughout central Indiana.

Program Contact: Richard Gordon (Gleaners Food Bank)
317-925-0191 or rigordon@gleaners.org

Additionally, you may dial 2-1-1 for assistance.

Proxy Shopper

Volunteer to shop at local food pantries and deliver groceries to homebound seniors or find assistance if you are a homebound senior.

Program Contact: Nick Fennig (Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana),
317-252-5558 or nfennig@mealsonwheelsindy.org.

Co-located Senior-Friendly Food Pantries

We have created convenient, co-located senior friendly food pantries at congregate meal sites to help seniors who face difficulties obtaining food from traditional food pantries. There are currently five pantry locations:  Hendricks County Senior Services, The Social of Greenwood, Edna Martin Christian Center, The Goodwin Center, and Shelbyville Senior Center.

Program Contact: Marina Keers (Hendricks Co. Senior Services), 317-745-4303 or marina@hendricksseniors.org.

Meal Voucher Program

Through this program, individuals aged 60 years and older can purchase discounted meal vouchers to be redeemed at approved local restaurants and cafeterias.

Program Contact: Tiffany Cox (CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions)
317-254-3660 or tcox@cicoa.org

Senior Nutrition and Education

The EAT Coalition has developed Nutrition Education materials to help better educate older adults on proper nutrition which is a key factor in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  Studies show that proper nutrition can reduce the impact of chronic health conditions and unnecessary hospitalizations for older adults.

Program Contact: Christina Ferroli (Purdue Extension Marion Co.), 317-275-9305 or ferroli@purdue.edu.

“EAT members have spent the last year developing our collaboration strength and resources through the coalition, and it is because of this that we can now focus on providing sustainable new services to our area seniors.”

Barb Morris,
Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana